Gas Grills

Gas Grills


Call us biased, but we do love our gas grills. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve spent time working with charcoal too – we were destitute college students once upon a time, too, and cheap charcoal grills are easy to find. But for us, the quality and convenience of gas grills are hard to beat. Find out why we love gas grills…

  • Convenient & Simple

    The ideal cook-out is an hours-long affair, with drinks and family and games and, of course, lots of meat to cook over the fire. But let’s be honest: for most of us, this kind of celebration comes about twice or three times a year at most. More often, on beautiful afternoons we have to drive home from work, pick up the kids from school, grab some steaks from the grocery store, and have supper ready by 7:00. With this kind of schedule, the last thing most people would like to do is spend another hour or more just preparing and cleaning up after charcoal grills.

    Gas grills, on the other hand, are perfectly suited for cooking outside on a whim. With the flip of a switch the flame is going strong, and within minutes your gas grill is heated and ready for use. Afterwards, just clean the cooking surface and store your grill when cool. Easy peasy.

  • Efficient & Safe

    Charcoal generates lots of radiant heat, which penetrates and cooks food to its core rather than just searing the surface, while gas flames do not. Quality gas grills, like those sold by the manufacturers below, solve this problem by including ceramic or metal plates that turn raw heat into radiant heat. These devices create the same effect as charcoal, but in a more easily controlled environment.

    Once the temperature is up, it needs to come back down. Charcoal takes a very long time to completely cool, as anybody who has discovered hot cinders in ashes knows. Once gas grills are off, multiple safety features are in place to ensure that everything stays off – meaning that things cool down in a hurry, and without any nasty surprises.

  • No Flavor Difference

    Charcoal heads will inevitably bring up the old argument that charcoal somehow imparts additional flavor to meat. Although taste is a subjective thing, there is objectively no reason why charcoal would add flavor. Burning charcoal releases carbon, and unless you’re adding lighting fluid (ugh) then it shouldn’t affect taste at all. As for flavors imparted by oil drippings? The same thing happens with gas grills.

    If anything, food from gas grills should taste better than food from charcoal. When you have fine control over temperature, flame height, and heat concentration, you can manage the cooking process that much more effectively. And when you bring in the speed, convenience, and cleanliness of gas grilling, it is clear that gas grills are the superior option.


Jernigan Oil Company is proud to be a distributor for Broilmaster, Phoenix Grills, and Wilmington Grill. These companies provide excellent and long-lasting grills, and they provide jobs to local communities, and their products are proudly made in the USA.



With a 50-year history under its belt, Broilmaster was making fine grills during your grandpa’s time. Since then they’ve incorporated the latest technologies for fine, even cooking, but haven’t lost the quality and customer service that made them successful in the first place.



Phoenix Grills designed the first rectangular hinged-lid gas grills back in 1964, and has remained on the cutting edge of grill design ever since. Phoenix Grills now carries MHP gas grills that are designed to withstand a lifetime of harsh weather while delivering trouble-free cooking every time.



With classic lines and durable all-stainless steel construction, Wilmington Grill delivers durable and attractive products that last for years. With its main office based close to the banks of the Cape Fear River, Wilmington Grill knows a thing or two about cooking outdoors in NC.