Home Heating

Home Heating


Jernigan Oil Company offers home heating fuels and service to keep your home warm and comfortable. With kerosene and expert service available, your home will be in top shape whatever winter brings.

  • Kerosene

    Used for generations as a reliable fuel source, kerosene remains an effective alternative to gas or electric heating even today. Its real value shines through when you consider its portability: kerosene is efficient and loaded with energy, yet it is no more reactive than many common household chemicals. Kerosene can be an excellent fuel to backup or supplement your main heating.

  • Heating Oil

    Low-sulfur (NRLM) heating oil serves as an excellent alternative to standard gas or LPG home heating. At 95% efficiency, heating oil is more efficient than natural gas, and since it burns at high temperatures that means your house is heated quickly. Most oil heaters are also double-sealed, meaning that in the unlikely event of a leak you will still not have to worry about spilled fuel.


We offer expert installation, automatic fill, tank installation, whole house advice, design & installation. Above-ground tanks for home use are available in all sizes from 100 to 1000 gallons. Underground tanks are typically reserved for LPG use.

Automatic Fill

You never have to call in to get your fuel. We project delivery dates so you never run out.

Will Call

You monitor your fuel levels, and call us at least three days before you run out to schedule a delivery.

Same-Day Delivery

Running low and need a fast delivery? Our same-day service is available in the event of emergencies. Service charge applies.